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Hack-a-day offered a project Fast 3D Printing with Raspberry Pi — But Not How You Think. However, it describes how to do stuff via OctoPi (child of OctoPrint), which we don't want to use. This led to the question "Any way to divorce Klipper from Octo*?" and also "Klipper as daemon"


Most of our machines use the Atmega AVR 2560 Rambo board. But we'll start with the Aden rebuild which uses the Atmega AVR 644p. Both are 16 MHz. So, select the proper microprocessor and speed in the menuconfig step below.

   $ make menuconfig
   $ make
     Build Kconfig config file
     Creating symbolic link out/board
     Compiling out/src/sched.o
     Compiling out/src/command.o
     Compiling out/src/basecmd.o
     Compiling out/src/debugcmds.o
     Compiling out/src/gpiocmds.o
     Compiling out/src/stepper.o
     Compiling out/src/endstop.o
     Compiling out/src/adccmds.o
     Compiling out/src/spicmds.o
     Compiling out/src/pwmcmds.o
     Compiling out/src/avr/main.o
     Compiling out/src/avr/timer.o
     Compiling out/src/avr/gpio.o
     Compiling out/src/avr/watchdog.o
     Compiling out/src/avr/serial.o
     Building out/compile_time_request.o
   Version: v0.5.0-108-g1b3ef8a-20180125_195156-hostname
     Linking out/klipper.elf
     Creating hex file out/klipper.elf.hex

It has been suggested that socat may help debug stuff...

   $ sudo apt install socat