LED Embroidery

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At the moment this is Katie's page for planning an LED Embroidery workshop. It may later become a resource page for workshop participants.

What each participant should get:

  1. embroidery needle
  2. regular embroidery thread
  3. conductive thread
  4. LEDs
  5. embroidery hoop
  6. dark fabric
  7. fabric pencil?
  8. coin cell battery
  9. tape to secure battery?
  10. needle threader

Resource I should provide:

  1. books with constellation drawings
  2. photo and sample of finished piece


  1. Choose a design.
  2. Layout the design with fabric pencil.
  3. Prep LEDs (punch through fabric and twist leads).
  4. Sew circuit with conductive thread.
  5. Test with battery.
  6. Sew decorative part with regular thread.