Laser cutter printing procedure

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Recommended Printing Procedure

  1. Assuming Inkscape or Corel draw, make the default page size to be 12"H x 20"W
    1. In Corel, the page size options should be displayed in the toolbar directly above the drawing window, or also via the Tools -> Option menu
    2. In Inkscape, set the page size via the File -> Document Properties menu. There is an option to resize page to image which is useful if you've imported a single part and duplicated it.
  2. Bound your drawing with a YELLOW box. Pull it as tight to your drawing as desired, the less space left, the less wastage, but you do want to leave a small margin, especially if you're cutting at the limits of the machine.
  3. Select all and set your line/stroke width to "Hairline" in Corel, or 0.1px in Inkscape
  4. Print to the Microsoft XPS driver. It will ask you to save the file somewhere, and then immediately open the XPS viewer.
  5. Verify your print in the XPS Viewer, if it's not right here, it's not going to be right on the cutter.
  6. Open the Retina Engrave software, and open your XPS. Cut away!