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Model 93212

Threading on Wikipedia

Tom Cohlmia's comments: "Here's a good list of turning operations: Turning Operations

The beginner task I always taught was actually a lathe-and-mill combo called a "mosquito bath." It was a nonsense assembly that served no purpose other than to teach students the different operations. See attached drawings. (I still have my mosquito bath to this day.)

Depending who you ask, the most basic operations are:

   * Facing*
   * Turning*
   * Drilling*
   * Tapping*
   * Grooving
   * Filing*
   * Parting*

The ones with an asterisk are covered in a part like the mosquito bath stem. The more advanced operations we could do are:

   * Boring
   * Knurling
   * Face Grooving
   * Thread-cutting

Things Needed

   * Metal Stock
   * Cutting Tool
   * Cutting Fluid (bottle)
   * Drill Chuck
   * Center Drill
   * Tap & Die Set
   * Drill Bits for Metal (set)
   * Cutoff Tool
   * Boring Bar
   * Metal Files
   * Scotch Brite