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[ google map]
[ google map]

== Next Lightning Talks ==
== Next Lightning Talks (ETA: late January) ==

* Speakers:
* Speakers:

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HacDC Lightning Talks sessions feature 12 speakers, each talking for 5 minutes. Topics can be anything of interest to the speaker. Speakers submit their ideas for approval, and 12 topics are chosen for a given session. Rejected topics may be resubmitted for any future session. To submit a talk topic proposal, please email me a title and brief description (if not self explanatory) at dp - at - danielpacker - dot - org or say hello on #hacdc on freenode (my nick is obscurite).

Why would you want to do a lightning talk?

  • To show off a project
  • Let people know what you're into
  • Get feedback on an idea
  • Practice talking about a particular topic
  • Practice public speaking in a nonthreatening way
  • Find project contributors/volunteers/members

LOCATION: HacDC @ 1525 Newton ST NW (corner of 16th) google map

Next Lightning Talks (ETA: late January)


  • Speakers:
  • Unconfirmed Speakers:

Past Lightning Talks

HacDC Lightning Talks II: November 17, 2009

LightningTalks2 small.jpg


  • Speakers:
    • The future of space-based lidar (Brian)
    • Rapid Open Source Hardware Prototyping (Riley)
    • Intro to DSP (Omer)
    • sudo make me a website (Daniel)
    • Best food near HacDC (Timball)
    • Taking high-res photos with cheap point-and-shoots (Jim)
    • Simple devices, complex sounds (Elliot)
    • Developing Firefox Extensions (looking at Greasemonkey as an example) (Nikolas)
    • XMPP - It's more than just IM (Arc)
    • Eating Tag Soup (Kevin)
    • "Pwn" your neighbor: Enhanced WEP/WPA brute force cracking using GPU hardware acceleration (Andy)
    • Five Foods to Try in Japan (User:Katie)
    • Bonus talk: Dis-assembly of windows binaries using ida free

HacDC Lightning Talks I: October 1st, 2009

LightningTalks1 thumb.jpg


We packed the house with smiling hackers at the first monthly HacDC Lightning Talks! The talks were awesome and so were the cookies! Thanks to everyone who participated and made this a success. Next month will be even better organized with more space, better arrangement, more advance scheduling, and video recording.

  • Speakers:
    • Unearthing an 8-bit Dungeon (Jason)
    • Kōdō, the Japanese Way of Incense (Katie)
    • Cross-Platform Multiple Compiler Build System (Eryc)
    • The Solenoid Beat: towards a mechanical drum machine w/ MIDI controller (Michael)
    • I CAN HAZ LOLSPEAK?: Examining LOLspeak through linguistics. (Ederlyn)
    • After the End of the World: Lessons We Can Learn from the Black Death (Benjamin)
    • A few minutes about cache coherency (Andrew)
    • Miniaturizing your projects - Techniques for using tiny little QFN surface mount components at home (Alden)
    • The Last Gasp of the Time Capsule (Luke)
    • Building a Sailboat in Five Days (Andrew J)
    • The Evolution of Death (Daniel)
  • Cancelled/Postponed:
    • Daimoku (Rodney
    • Remembrancer (Alberto)
    • Using PGP web of trust to authenticate users??? (Derek)
    • A 5 Minute Discourse On The Exploration Of Mercury And The MESSENGER Flyby Discoveries (Indy)

Other Hackerspace Lightning Talks

* Noisebridge Five Minutes of Fame (old site)
* Lightning Talks at MetaLab, Vienna (2008-11-15)