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HacDC Lightning Talks sessions feature 12 speakers, each talking for 5 minutes. Topics can be anything of interest to the speaker. Speakers submit their ideas for approval, and 12 topics are chosen for a given session. Rejected topics may be resubmitted for any future session. To submit a talk topic proposal, please email me a title and brief description (if not self explanatory) at dp - at - danielpacker - dot - org or say hello on #hacdc on freenode (my nick is obscurite).

Why would you want to do a lightning talk?

  • To show off a project
  • Let people know what you're into
  • Get feedback on an idea
  • Practice talking about a particular topic
  • Practice public speaking in a nonthreatening way
  • Find project contributors/volunteers/members

Next Lightning Talks (October 1st, 7:30PM)


  • Kōdō, the Japanese Way of Incense (Katie)
  • The Evolution of Death (Daniel)
  • Cross-Platform Multiple Compiler Build System (Eryc)
  • Unearthing an 8-bit Dungeon (Jason)
  • The Solenoid Beat: towards a mechanical drum machine w/ MIDI controller (Michael)
  • Miniaturizing your projects - Techniques for using tiny little QFN surface mount components at home (Alden)
  • I CAN HAZ LOLSPEAK?: Examining LOLspeak through linguistics. (Ederlyn)
  • After the End of the World: Lessons We Can Learn from the Black Death (Benjamin)
  • Developing Firefox Extensions (looking at Greasemonkey as an example) Nikolas
  • The Last Gasp of the Time Capsule (Luke)
  • A few minutes about cache coherency (Andrew)


  • Daimoku (Rodney via skype??)


  • Remembrancer (TBA) (Alberto - unconfirmed - unlikely)
  • Using PGP web of trust to authenticate users??? (TBA) (Derek)

Past Lightning Talks

There are none yet.

Other Hackerspace Lightning Talks

* Noisebridge Five Minutes of Fame
* Lightning Talks at MetaLab, Vienna (2008-11-15)