Live Status Proto

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HacDC's Live Status Prototype

This is a mock-up demonstrating the two existing forms of output from the HacDC lab occupancy sensor.

At the moment, the system can report status to the world in two ways:

  • A text occupancy message suitable for inclusion on the Live Status page
  • Updates to a public Google Calendar account

Future Changes

The sensor is currently reporting its status via a extremely convoluted mechanism. As a result of this mechanism, I cannot run the live status system entirely within HacDC. In order to fix this problem and provide access to the real-time data for all takers, the wiki must be updated to:

  • Support a "nocache" extension, allowing the text occupancy message to display current rather than cached data
  • Configure the "include" extension to allow access to a single directory or file outside of the web root

Once these changes are complete, the system will be migrated entirely to the HacDC lab and realtime sensor and occupancy data can be made available for other projects.

Text Occupancy Message

NOTE - the message below is cached internally by the wiki and is guaranteed to be out of date

<include src="" />

<iframe src="" height="10px" width="100%">

Public Google Calendar

<include src="" width="821" height="621" nopre noesc /> test- <img src="" width="800" height="600" /> test-