Lulzbot TAZ 1.0

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The "newest" addition to our collection of 3D printers is actually the oldest: The Lulzbot TAZ is actually, a Lulzbot TAZ 1.0 (according to the serial number on the back: KT-PR0010-5147).

The index.html at says, among other things: *"B" - KT-PR0010 - TAZ 1.0

Using minicom, the speed was determined to be 115200. Sending G28 to home it made it grind gears.

$ pronsole
offline> connect /dev/ttyACM2 115200
ttyACM2 21°>

Eventually, I found which identifies the board as "based off of the Arduino MEGA" with "5 stepper drivers" and "5 MOSFET switched outputs" with documentation at

As near as I can tell, the latest in firmware and other software lives at