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The space has a highly modified M3D Micro (donated by Andrew Barabasz) that is fully compatible with the RepRap protocol, using a custom firmware known as iMe. Cura and Printrun are known to work with the printer as-is, and should work with any other slicer as long as it is configured correctly.

The following information assumes the use of a Cura/Printrun setup, if yours is different, configure accordingly.


Printer is available on /dev/ttyACM1 running at 115200 baud.

When the printer is power-cycled, the firmware starts up in bootloader mode and will not receive gcode commands. To enable the printer, use m33-manager (check software section) to switch it to firmware mode.

Extruder Config

  • Printer type: Custom FDM Printer
  • Nozzle size: 0.35mm
  • Material size: 1.75mm
  • G-code flavor: RepRap
  • Retraction length: 2mm (important!)

Start G-code

G28; set home position
M106 S255; turn on fans

; prime the extruder
G92 E0;
G0 F2100 X8 Y104 Z0.270;
G1 F600 X40 Y104 E10.0;
G92 E0;

End G-code

G91; relative positioning
G1 E-0.5 F300; release pressure
G1 Z+0.5 F{travel_speed}; retract filament
G1 Z+6 F{travel_speed}; move up z

; turn off printer
M104 S0; turn off extruder
M107; turn off fans
M18; turn off steppers
G90; absolute positioning


You can use pronsole or m33-manager to run these gcode commands directly.

Printer calibration

G30; calibrate bed depth
G32; calibrate bed tilt

Insert new filament

M104 S200; turn on the extruder
G1 F100 E100; pull in new plastic

Replacing filament

M104 S200; turn on the extruder
G1 F60 E60; soften up plastic
G1 F-60 E-60; retract old plastic
G1 F100 E100; pull in new plastic


M33 Manager

Binaries: Linux, macOS, and Windows.

Stock M3D Drivers (only historical)



  • M3D Switching Adaptor - Output 5.0 V, 4.0 A, Positive Tip Plug.svg (Negative ring, positive tip) Dc.svg (DC)
  • USB 1.0 cable (Type-A male USB Type-A receptacle.svg to Type-B male USB Type-B receptacle.svg)