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Meeting Start Wednesday July 30 7:50pm


  • HacDC Founding Member: RBD
  • HacDC Founding Member: DC
  • Guest: MS (8:45pm)


Opening discussion revolved around Jeff Han's FTIR interactive display design as well as different prototypes.


No objection to the following working groups:

  • Plexiglas
  • LED circuitry
  • LED+Plexi Frame Design
  • Box Design and Construction
  • IR Camera Construction
  • Computer Building
  • Projector Construction (if necessary)
  • TouchLib Development
  • Application Development


No objection to:

  • At least 3 LEDS per edge of the plexiglas.
  • Making at least one prototype before building the final product
  • The LED circuitry and Plexiglas to be built using a frame, as a single assembly.
  • The purchase of the plexiglas and LED components
  • Researching how to drill the holes for the LEDs accurately.


  • RBD suggested that when the prototype is shown to work, we request funding from HacDC to purchase a new projector. DC suggested that we use the old project and request that HacDC buy a new project to replace the old projector.
  • DC suggested that he'll research if there any plastics manufacturer near where he resides.


  • MS discussed using the Wii controller, in the context of a multi-touch interactive display.
  • MS also discussed how to use the Wii controller to create a 'digital whiteboard'

Meeting close 9:30pm