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This is important and necessary.

After installing replicator-G and running it for the first time, a .replicatorg directory will be created in your home directory (without notification). You'll need to replace the machines.xml file in the secret ~/.replicatorg directory with the following code (or at least add in the part about Andy's Cupcake).

On Windows XP, replicatorG v23 doesn't seem to recognize a machines.xml place in ~/.replicatorg folder. Instead, add Andy's makebot info to the makerbot.xml file, located in the machines folder of your replicatorg install.

The machines.xml file describes how the machine is physically set up to replicator-G. The important difference between the Andy's version and the regular version is that Andy replaced the z-axis screws on his bot with better ones. The new screws are great for stability, but they have a different thread pitch from default, resulting in a different height traveled per rotation. The machines.xml file quantifies that travel for the build software.

<?xml version="1.1" encoding="utf-8"?>
        <!-- do not remove this machine configuration!!! -->
                <name>3-Axis Simulator</name>
                <geometry type="cartesian">
                        <axis id="x" length="300" maxfeedrate="1000" scale="11.4485"/>
                        <axis id="y" length="300" maxfeedrate="1000" scale="11.4485"/>
                        <axis id="z" length="300" maxfeedrate="100" scale="320"/>
                        <tool name="Pinch Wheel Extruder v1.1" type="extruder" material="abs" motor="true" floodcoolant="false" mistcoolant="false" fan="true" valve="false" collet="false" heater="true"/>
                <driver name="null"> <!-- use a fake driver -->
                        <speedup>20</speedup> <!-- amount to speed up print process:  1 = realtime, 2 = 2x, 10 = 10x, etc. -->

                <name>Andy Walker's Cupcake</name>
                <geometry type="cartesian">
                        <axis id="x" length="300" maxfeedrate="5000" scale="11.767463"/> 
                        <axis id="y" length="300" maxfeedrate="5000" scale="11.767463"/>
                        <axis id="z" length="300" maxfeedrate="150" scale="157"/>
                        <tool name="Pinch Wheel Extruder v1.1a" type="extruder" material="abs" motor="true" floodcoolant="false" mistcoolant="false" fan="true" valve="false" heatedplatform="true" collet="false" heater="true"/>
                <driver name="sanguino3g">
                        <!-- optional, defaults to first serial port found.    <portname>COM1</portname> -->
                        <!-- required: we need 8 bit and 38400 baud. -->
                        <!-- optional, defaults to 1.                          <databits>1</databits> -->
                        <!-- optional, defaults to N.                          <stopbits>N</stopbits> -->
                </warmup> <!-- required for replicatorG v 23 -->
(Turn off steppers after a build.)