Meatup Nov 1 2012

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  • Logan
  • Mirage355
  • Sharad
  • Shawn

With guest appearances by:

  • Darius

New Business

Exploration of the Basement Storage Area

We went down to the basement because Mirage mentioned that there was a binocular microscope stored there. The microscope was found, but it was missing both the eyepieces and all three objective lenses. The brand name was recorded.

A small (10x14x20") fish tank was discovered that will be useful for an initial build of the Physiological Saline testing apparatus.

Pacemaker Project

To facilitate testing of biomaterials, a simple and small test implant was proposed. It was proposed that we create a reproduction of an Elmqvist pacemaker. It is simple, can drive a low-current LED and it powered/charged inductively.

Having a "go to" easy implant will allow us to start quickly testing Category:Biomaterials with a realistic payload. Bonus: blinking red LED heartbeat is pretty rad especially once installed in the saline pods.

Old Business

tDCS v4 Prototypes

PCBs for the tDCS v4 were sent priority mail on Oct 30th. They should arrive in time to be built next meeting.



  • Start the ball rolling on the HacDC wiki pages


  • Schematic / PCB layout for simple 555 pacemaker
  • Order parts for saline pump and heater
  • Don't forget about SMT workshop