Meeting Agenda 2009 02 03

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Time & Location

February 3, 2009
7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
HacDC, 1525 Newton St NW, Washington, DC. (Space or Auditorium, TBD)

Draft minutes of the last meeting

(There weren't any minutes at the past several meetings.)

The Consent Agenda

Minister Reports

Member Reports

Old Business

Workshop Configuration

Main Space Reconfiguration

New Business

ShmooCon events

We will be hosting the Friday Night Shmoocon Party for ShmooCon in conjunction with ToorCon on Feb. 6

  • We have reserved the Auditorium and the Dining room.
  • A planning list has been started, e-mail if you want on.

Chair Purchase

We seem to not have enough chairs. With the addition of the workshop, we may need to buy some. Are people happy with the current chairs? Should we buy more of the same or something new?

Internet Down? =

The Internet in the space appears to have been down for about a week. Can we fix that?

Heat and AC

Spring is approaching, but we still have cold days. Can we get the heat working? By the same token, when Spring does arrive we have a broken AC unit. Is that the Church's or ours? Can we get a new one?


The issue of AV came up at the RepRap event and at the Clojure Study Group. Can we have some AV cables and connectors that are known to be good, as well as speakers, in the space, ready to be used for a presentation? This may include us buying a few small items.

Movie Night

Have people enjoyed Movie Night? Do we want to continue the effort? Do we want to pay for the sanctuary or use the space? Do we want to look into MPAA licenses?

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