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ze microTweeter

This microTweeter application was written so I could learn python and play with my microcontroller a bit. Its a combination twitter application, python script and blob of microcontroller [avr atmega88] code designed.

In short - register twitter application, setup your pytweet library, burn main.c into your microcontroller, run the python script and then press the button. You'll quickly be tweeting as fast your can push a button...


  1. Install pySerial if you haven't already
  2. Install pyTwitter from
    1. pyTwitter relies on a few additional python libraries, so follow their instal instructions
  3. Make sure you have an account on Twitter.
  4. Sign up for an application on twitter (
    1. When you create your application, you'll get a consumer key and consumer secret value. Note these.
    2. Follow instructions at the top of this page to generate your personal access key and secret. Note these.
  5. Setup your ~/.tweetrc file. This is a selfconfig file. See the example code from the pytwitter code.
    1. This uses file uses the four keys from the previous step
    2. Make sure you test your setup with !
  6. Program your board with the main.c file in the microTweeter package below.
    1. This has been designed with elliots board in mind, so it uses the pushbutton and serial port to do IO.
  7. Assemble a file of quotes to use!
    1. I've provided a file of 22 Monty Python quotes. Feel free to use it or make your own file!
  8. run the python script, microTweeter, giving it file and port arguments in order to make twitter magicks happen.
    1. I take no responsibility for your friends weighing you against a duck if you overuse this application


Download the whole package here media:MicroTweeter.tar.gz