Microfabrication Class

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HacDC Microfabrication class

Dates and Times

The class will be held remote (and possibly in the Space) bi-weekly on Mondays ("Microfabrication Mondays") 7 to 9 PM.


  • Inspired by recent spate of homemade semi-conductor pioneers (Sam Zeloof, et al)


  • Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)
    • Ethan currently has Cambridge SEM (for repairs) - get pumps working and operate the controller manually; currently doesn't seem to hold pressure; the vacuum is really key to getting it working
    • Ethan's SEM
  • Resin 3D printers (personally-owned)

Class Notes

Field Trips

  • University of Maryland "Clean Room" just to see one in action
  • Howard University "Clean Room" - is open to public (?)