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Welcome to the HacDC Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence Group (NARG)


The mission of NARG is to bring HacDC community members that are interested in NLP and AI together for research, projects, and knowledge sharing. Supporting members in getting projects done is the primary goal. Contact User:Obscurite for more info.


NARG get-togethers are planned via the mailing list. Check it out!

NARG mailman page

Reference and Resources

  • Add links to AI/NLP reference material, courseware, etc.


Some profiles of our members and what they're into:

  • User:Obscurite (Daniel Packer) - Interested in emotional interfaces, responsive human interfaces, brain and bio signals, intelligent metadata, and cyborg tech.
  • Philip Stewart - Primarily interested in figurative language comprehension, semantics, and digital poetics. Secondarily, event-related potential (ERP) studies, consciousness, and applying scientific findings to philosophical "problematics" in novel ways. Coursework in psycholinguistics, physiological psychology, pharmacology, and functional neuroanatomy.
  • Bradford Barr
  • Darius Roberts - Interested in health, but if there was a way to make a white-label that would be my first choice of projects.
  • Todd Fine
  • Al Haraka