Nate B Dues Waiver

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This Dues Waiver is scheduled for consideration at the June 17, 2008 member meeting.

Nick Farr, Minister of Finance and longtime friend of Nate B's is proposing this dues waiver.


Approve a dues waiver for Nate B through January, 2009. This waiver would relieve his standard obligation to pay dues and allow him to continue to contribute as a bona-fide member of HacDC. Since the waiver is based on merit, not hardship, it is subject to member approval.


For the past two weeks, Nate has dedicated nearly every waking moment to infrastructure development of HacDC. He has built one wall of shelves, reinforced the other, purchased all manner of improvements for the space (boxes and bins, drawer hardware, etc), contributed to the wiki, promoted HacDC at the DC 2600 meeting, and pretty much done everything in his power to make sure this venture succeeds and thrives.

More from Nate: "I will return home to Detroit sooner or later. After another few days, probably. And I don't know when I'll be able to visit DC again. (But there's a chance it'll be nearly immediate; I'm having a blast!) I think I've contributed plenty of sweat equity, and I don't think a regular monthly paying membership is appropriate in this case. But I would like to legitimize my presence in the space, and on the mailing list, by requesting a membership with waived dues."


I believe Nate's activities in furthering HacDC's development set a very strong precedent for when and why we would grant a dues waiver. Nate's overall economic sacrifice in coming to DC from the Detroit, MI area in addition to making HacDC effectively a full time job for two weeks sets the golden standard for work in lieu of dues.

Nate B's Biography

Nate has been active in the community for 12 years, primarily through the Michigan 2600 group. Nate's first contribution to HacDC was printing dot-matrix banners for our display at Notacon, and he's been interested in finding out what it takes to start a hacker space. It's a subject he's been interested in for some time, and he's very interested in opening some sort of community workshop in the Detroit area, where he lives.


I fully back this proposal, Nate has contributed prodigiously to HacDC. - Bjorn 01:16, 12 June 2008 (UTC)

I too support this proposal. - Katie 02:27, 12 June 2008 (UTC)