Old Standing Rules

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According to the Annual_Meeting_2011 minutes, these Standing Rules got approved at the 2011 Annual Meeting! So they are in force and not just proposed. -TMS

Standing rules, in conjunction with our Bylaws, provide for the day-to-day operation of HacDC. They may be amended by a TBD process.

Procedures for Inducting New Members

(This Standing Rule was unanimously adopted at the 2/8/2011 Member Meeting - TMS)

Any member may nominate a qualified person to be a voting member. Any eligible person may be elected as a voting member at any regular meeting upon meeting one of the following sets of qualifications:

  1. The payment of their first periodic dues and visual approval of all members present.
  2. The payment of their first periodic dues, a short statement prepared by the proposed member showing their support HacDC's mission as presented in article 1 of our Bylaws, and having at least two members present vouch for the candidacy of the prospective member. The two members which vouch for the candidacy of the new member may not be the person who nominated the individual for status as a voting member. After the nomination and vouching, standard voting procedure as in 1) is followed.
    1. The prepared statement may be written or in some other form of A/V communication that the members of the meeting may understand.


The amount, payment period, due date and acceptable methods for collection of dues

What the previous bylaws said:

A majority vote of the members at any meeting may change the procedure and terms for payment of dues. Member dues may be waived for a three month period due to financial hardship or relocation by written petition signed by more than three quarters (3/4ths) of the Board of Directors. Payment of dues may be waived for any other reason only by voting members at a duly called meeting.

Membership Restoration for Suspended Voting Members

What the previous bylaws said:

Any suspended voting member may restore their membership 90 days after suspension upon payment of dues owed and payable through one month beyond the end of the suspension period, or upon the granting of a dues waiver as outlined in Section 4.

Regular Meetings

What the previous bylaws said:

Regular meetings of voting members shall be held every Tuesday at 19:30 local time at the registered office. A different meeting place may be designated by written petition signed by more than three quarters (3/4ths) of voting members. Regular meetings shall not take place on the day before, upon, or after a federal holiday unless specifically approved at the prior regular meeting or annual meeting. Meetings shall not take place on the day of a closure declared by the Office of Personnel Management.

What was voted upon at the 2009 Annual Meeting:

Ben proposed a motion to change the standing rules for meeting frequency. The motion was to make every second Tuesday of the month the "formal business meeting" and to make the every other Tuesday meeting an "informal non-voting meeting" where no business may be conducted. Elliot seconded. … The motion carried.

Rules of Order

What the previous bylaws said:

All meetings shall follow the MIBS Simplified Rules of Coordinated Consensus through Chaos as approved at an annual meeting.