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Note: the following is a working draft of a set of Standing Rules for HacDC. It has not yet been voted upon. Katie 19:30, 15 September 2010 (UTC)

Procedures for Inducting New Members

What the previous bylaws said:

Any member may nominate a qualified person to be a voting member. Any eligible person may be elected as a voting member at any regular meeting upon payment of their first periodic dues and visual approval of all members present.


The amount, payment period, due date and acceptable methods for collection of dues

What the previous bylaws said:

A majority vote of the members at any meeting may change the procedure and terms for payment of dues. Member dues may be waived for a three month period due to financial hardship or relocation by written petition signed by more than three quarters (3/4ths) of the Board of Directors. Payment of dues may be waived for any other reason only by voting members at a duly called meeting.

Membership Restoration for Suspended Voting Members

Regular Meetings

Rules of Order