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Project Summary

Project Code: SEM Project Contact: Julia Longtin Project Status: Active

Project Description: Formalize, fund, and accelerate the efforts required to realize a fully operational Scanning Electron Microsope[1] (SEM) including its operation, maintenance, and stewardship.

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License or IP status: Project developments are not expected to be affected by upstream licensing

Additional Info: Supporting acquisition, refurbishment, operation, and stewardship of a Scanning Electron Microscope[1] (SEM) provides for a unique ability to train a new generation of scientists and engineers, develop radically new technology, greatly improve public relations for hackers, attract new funding and talent, and further distinguish HacDC in its unique Washington DC location. A SEM and knowledgeable operators are neither a piece of equipment nor a skill set readily available among the general public. Such equipment covers all STEM[2] fields and has a wide-range of applications, with electron-beam lithography[3] being something most relevant to the immediate interests of a hacker space.

The project will proceed in four foreseeable stages which do not need to be carried out serially, but their order of importance should be ranked as such.

  1. The first stage will focus on refurbishing the existing Cambridge Stereoscan S200[4][5][6] to an operational state.
  2. The second stage will focus on ensuring and maintaining operability of the SEM for various approved tasks (i.e. typical sample operation, lithography, etc).
  3. The third stage will focus on enhancing existing functionality (i.e. SEM PCB reproduction, X-ray spectroscopy).
  4. The fourth stage will focus on expanding on success which will likely be contingent on proven success (i.e. considering and acquiring more modern microscopy equipment).

The project owner desires to run this project as a representative meritocracy, allowing all members a reasonable opportunity to push proposals and vote, but with oversight by the Board of Directors who will be responsible for providing stewardship of rare and historic equipment and long-term investments.

Examples of equipment or services that may be needed or desired at one time or another:

  • High voltage multimeter and/or oscilloscope probes, built or purchased fully assembled
  • Discrete PCB components for replacement (i.e. resistors, capacitors, relays, ICs, etc.)
  • Pump repair kits and oil
  • Vacuum seal parts and grease
  • Cleaning solvents
  • Desiccant dehumidifier
  • Sputter coating machine and alloy material
  • Surplus add-on equipment (i.e. X-ray spectroscopy)
  • FPGA kits for circuit board reproduction


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