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Superseded by Category:PA_SUPPLIES. This page kept for historical purposes.

By keeping HacDC equipment usable and inviting, we are better able attract new funding and talent, improve the space, and develop new technology.

Items planned to be funded include, but are not limited to:

Item Status Quantity Cost
Label printer tape. Nonexistent.
Mill/Lathe stock. Deficient.
Sheet metal. Unknown.
PLA filament stock. Adequate.
Nichrome wire. Adequate.
Paper Plenty.
Inkjet ink. Some deficiencies.
Banana Plug to Alligator Clip Test Leads. Limited, deteriorating.
Containers (eg. buckets). Plenty.
Drinking cups. Nonexistant.
M3/M4 Screws Missing specific types including low profile M3, and M4 screws.
Emergency repair and spare parts.
Item Status Quantity Cost
Linear regulators (eg. LM317HVT). Deficient.

Note: this is a general list. Perhaps not all of the above should restocked until cleanup at the space is finished.