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Project Summary

Project Code: Spaceblimp Project Contact: Ethan Waldo Project Status: Proposed

Project Description: Fund Spaceblimp!

Links To Other Project Pages: Spaceblimp License or IP status: Project developments are not expected to be affected by upstream licensing

Additional Info: This is a general fund for any and all Spaceblimp related costs not limited to hardware, balloon filling equipment and supplies, and food and drinks for reasonably sized launch events with only remaining funds. This will not be used to reimburse anyone for equipment use, travel costs (i.e. gas/mileage), or time and expertise since that should be covered by volunteers. The plan is to launch several Spaceblimps with the current Spaceblimp project's Project Awesome funds overseen by the Spaceblimp 6 Funding team making requests overseen by the HacDC Treasurer.

The project owner (Ethan Waldo) desires to run this project as a representative democracy, allowing all members a reasonable opportunity to push proposals and vote, but with oversight by the Board of Directors who will be responsible for any conflicts that cannot be resolved autonomously.

Examples of equipment or services that may be needed or desired at one time or another: Balloon Helium Payload enclosure (i.e. lunchbox) Discrete PCB components (i.e. resistors, capacitors, relays, ICs, etc.) On balloon radio systems Sensors Microcontrollers Batteries Cameras FPGA kits

References: Plenty found on general project page Spaceblimp and active project pages