Packaging NPM

From HacDC Wiki

  • Ensure that node.js is installed and operable.
    • Note that it is necessary to install node.js and npm on the build system to build the packages.** Download the latest .tar.gz tarball of the node.js source code.
    • cd /tmp
    • tar xvfz /path/to/node-vx.y.z.tar.gz
    • cd node-vx.y.z
    • ./configure -p --prefix=/usr
    • make
    • make test
    • make install DESTDIR=/tmp/nodejs-vx.y.z
    • dir2xzm /tmp/nodejs-vx.y.z /tmp/node-x.y.z.xzm
  • Download the source to npm from Github.
  • unzip
  • cd isaacs-npm-...
  • make
  • make install
    • mkdir -p /tmp/npm-x.y.z/usr
    • export npm_config_userconfig=./npmrc
    • node cli.js config set cache /tmp/npm-cache
    • node cli.js config set prefix /tmp/npm-x.y.z/usr
    • node cli.js config set unsafe-perm true
    • node cli.js install -g .
    • dir2xzm /tmp/npm-x.y.z /tmp/npm-x.y.z.xzm
  • Everything goes in /usr/lib/mode_modules/npm.
  • /usr/bin/npm* are symlinked to /usr/lib/mode_modules/npm/bin/npm.js.