Phone System

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HacDC is currently using three providers for the phone system. Google Voice - They provide the 202-556-HACK (4225) number. Twilio which allows dynamic scripting of your phone system through xml pages. which is our SIP provider.

Calling HacDC:

If you dial 202-556-HACK, you will be routed through Google Voice to Twilio and connected to our IVR (options below).

If you contact us via or, you will be routed through which will connect you to our Twilio IVR.

We can also be reached via iNum +883-5100-09902515 or SIP URI. iNum calls are routed through and connected to Twilio. Due to most services not supporting iNum, iNum access is available through local access numbers in a number of countries. A list of access numbers is available at An iNum number can be called from HacDC by dialing as a standard international number (instructions below in Phone System#Twilio IVR Menu:).

Calling from HacDC:

US/Canadian Numbers:

Dial as you normally would.

International Numbers:

International numbers can be dialed using either US standard international access (011-country code-number) or European standard international access (00-country code-number) If you need access to an international number that the phone in HacDC isn't allowing access to, contact for help.

SIP Broker: supports a service called SIP Broker for making connections between SIP providers. To find out if a provider can be contacted via SIP Broker, check out their Provider Whitepages. To call a SIP Broker number from HacDC, dial **275-Provider access code (including *)-phone number.

Speed dials:

If a number will be called often or if people require access to a SIP URI, the Admin Team can create a speed dial which will be accessible by pressing #xx on the phone. allows a total of 99 speed dials.

Current speed dials:

#01 - Connects to Twilio IVR #02 - Connects to

Twilio IVR Menu:

Option 1: Responds back with address and location information. Option 2: Responds back with current occupancy status (updated from the occupancy sensor in the space). Option 3: Responds back with information about contacting HacDC. Option 4: Responds back with next 3 upcoming events from our Meet-up. Option 5: Connects you to the phone in the space. Option 0: Leave a voicemail with the notification and link to voicemail sent to Option 90: Leave a voicemail with the notification and link to voicemail sent only to the HacDC Treasurer.

Sending an SMS to our Google Voice number:

Our Google Voice number responds to the following commands via SMS: status - Responds back with current occupancy status. location - Responds back with address and GPS coordinates. help - Responds back listing the previous two commands.

Anything else will respond back as an invalid command and suggest you send the help command.


Currently a work in progress, but for now will connect to the Twilio hosted IVR -