Power Rail Display

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wires running along the walls opposite the windows in the classroom area of the space to provide power to various projects people might want to leave in the space (eg sensors,actuators,displays,etc).


Not implemented yet


  • Have:
    • wire taps (automotive style T-taps): yellow and "red" (red ones look close to brown)
    • wall frames (@haxwithaxe's house still unassembled) (optional)
  • Need:
    • 16AWG wire in colors: red(5V), yellow(12V), black(GND), green(Earth ground)
    • wire loom to fit 4-10 16AWG wires (optional)
    • IF wall frames THEN:
      • screws to attach to drywall (preferably not standard black drywall screws. maybe something in brass?)
      • nails or something similar to attach the wires to the frames.