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Examples would be the drill press and bandsaw that Ash brought in.
Examples would be the drill press and bandsaw that Ash brought in.


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(Originally posted by Dan Barlow)

WHEREAS: Items donated to HacDC might be valuable, or on loan as opposed to disposable; WHEREAS: Items donated to HacDC might be intended for use as tools, as material, or as a display item for the museum; WHEREAS: Items donated to HacDC might require instruction for safe and effective use;

THEREFORE This proposal presents a suggested policy for identifying the acceptable use of HacDC property.

I. ITEMS FREELY AVAILABLE AS MATERIAL These items are donated with no restrictions and can be used, scavenged, or discarded by HacDC as desired. Unless otherwise indicated by the donor, items default to Material. Items can be promoted to higher status by HacDC ministers. Material items should be stored in clearly marked containers on the wood shelves in the basement. When a surplus of a particular type of item exists, the extra amount should be moved to the discard pile. Discard policy (placing items to be discarded in the "outgoing" pile for at least a week) should be followed. It would be nice if discard placements were blabbered. Examples are the boxes of motors.

II. ITEMS FREELY AVAILABLE AS TOOLS These items are donated with the intent that they be used in their current or repaired state. The donor should indicate that the donation is a Tool, and give contact information if they would want it back if discarded. Tool items should not be scavenged. If a tool item is to be discarded, some attempt should be made to contact its donor and see if they want it back. Then it should be demoted to Material, unless a surplus of that type already exists. Tools may be stored throughout HacDC space. Examples are the soldering irons and multimeters.

III. ITEMS DONATED TO THE HACDC STORE These items are donated to be sold with the proceeds benefitting HacDC. The donor should attempt to indicate value. HacDC Members and guests are encouraged to buy these items. The HacDC Store storage location should be kept organized, with care not to mix in member storage. The Store should be brought along when HacDC is represented at other events, where practical. Prices may be increased for outside sales.

IV. ITEMS ON LOAN TO HACDC These items are made available with the intent of use by HacDC, with the care and caution you would use with your own expensive tools. Items on loan should not be removed from HacDC space without prior permission from the owner. Items on loan should be documented in the WIKI. If an item on loan is "in the way" and should be removed, its owner should be contacted. If the owner cannot be reached in a reasonable amount of time (say a month), the item should be stored. After (say 6 months of trying to contact) if storage space is at a premium the item could be discarded. An example is the large format plotter in the basement; anyone may use it, but it should not be scavenged or abused.

V. ITEMS OF HISTORIC OR DISPLAY INTEREST These items may be donated with intent to go in the museum, or may be recognized from among general donations as being of special value. These items should go in the HacDC Museum. Items from the museum should be prepared as exhibits as time permits, and used as props when HacDC runs info tables at other events. Museum Items should be documented in the WIKI. If an item previously designated as a Museum Item is to be discarded, it should be demoted through Material and mentioned on the Blabber list. An example would be the I.C. manufacturing mask that I brought in.

VI. ITEMS THAT REQUIRE TRAINING OR PERMISSION These items are one or more of [dangerous, fragile, expensive]. Items should not be disturbed until the user has contacted the owner and received the necessary instructions. Items should be clearly marked as RESERVED Items with contact info for the owner. RESERVED Items should be documented in the WIKI. Examples would be the drill press and bandsaw that Ash brought in.