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== Proposed Projects ==
#REDIRECT [[:Category:Proposed Projects]]
* [[Project Red Phone]]: We need a phone in the space so people can see if someone's there (or call for emergency cupcakes if they've broken their pinkie). 
* [[AVR Tutorial]]: An in-process tutorial to take microprocessor newbies and turn them into gods in 20 (not-very) easy steps.
* [[Columbia Heights Wireless]]: Aims to provide wireless access to the Internet to HacDC's neighbors in Columbia Heights.
* [[Distributed Sferics Sensors]]: A distributed lightning detection system
* [[Electronic Goban]]: An electronic, LED go board.
* [[HacDC Museum]]: Create The HacDC Museum of Technology, and within the museum the -redacted- Collection of Telephony to facilitate examination and research of the donation by the membership
* [[Presence Sensor]]: PIR motion sensor with output embeddable in various webpages, so people could see when the space is occupied.
* [[Python Sprint Project]]:
[[Ongoing Projects]]

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