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plywood/mdf for build platform
plywood/mdf for build platform
==Xaq has...==
RP parts
RP parts

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A new reprap printer will built along the lines of the Prusa Mendel. You can find details of the Prusa design at the Prusa Mendel page on the reprap wiki, or you can view the sources for the Prusa at github


Having another 3d printer in the space will allow us to always have a working machine and to use one machine to help fix another if there are problems. It will also enable several people to print things out at the same time. The goal is to document this build so others can make their own printer following our documentation.

Materials for the build


1x gen3 mobo 2x gen3 EC 5x steppers 4x stepper controllers (we'll have to pull these from the cupcake and have the cupcake use the mbi ones) 1x p4ac 4 axis stepper controller carrier board (we'll have to pull this from the cupcake too) 1x wade's extruder (assembled and working) 1x 36mm brass barrel 1x 0.5mm mbi nozzle 1x 0.5mm makergear bighead nozzle Insulator materials (have to make and document on lathe) nuts/bolts/washers - I have tons plywood/mdf for build platform


RP parts

Still needed

threaded rods smooth rods heated build platform (if we want it, can get away with some other hacks if we want, or leave it out altogether)


Mark has threaded rod Alden has a Tiny G board... this is attractive