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A new reprap printer will built along the lines of the Prusa Mendel. You can find details of the Prusa design at the Prusa Mendel page on the reprap wiki, or you can view the sources for the Prusa at github


Having another 3d printer in the space will allow us to always have a working machine and to use one machine to help fix another if there are problems. It will also enable several people to print things out at the same time. The goal is to document this build so others can make their own printer following our documentation.



Turns out the Imperial 5/16" washers are not a workable replacement for M8 washers, so we need to get those before the frame construction can begin. Also, we're still waiting on electronics from John.

Materials for the build

BOM for Prusa Mendel

Quantity Description Type Comments
83 M8 nut Fastener READY
93 M8 washer Fastener NEEDED (the imperial 5/16" ones aren't gonna work)
6 M8×30 mudguard / fender washers Fastener READY
2 M4×20 bolt Fastener (John) / or use M5x20
2 M4 nut Fastener (John) / or use M5
2 M4 washer Fastener (John) / or use M5
22 M3×10 bolt Fastener READY
8 M3×20 bolt Fastener (John) / cut down 25mm or use as is
8 M3×25 bolt Fastener READY
4 M3×40 bolt Fastener (John) / cut down 50mm or use 35mm
70 M3 washer Fastener READY
40 M3 nut Fastener READY
2 M3 grub screw / set screw Fastener (John) / will the M3 x 8 in the space work?
3 608 roller skate / inline skate / skateboard bearing Bearings READY
4 ballpoint pen springs Spring READY
6 M8×370mm Threaded rod 3 per side - READY (Thanks Mark!)
4 M8×294mm Threaded rod front / rear - READY 4 x 340 (Needs cutting)
3 M8×440mm Threaded rod top / bottom - READY
2 M8×210mm Threaded rod Z-leadscrew - READY 2 x 300 (Needs cutting)
1 M8×50mm Threaded rod or bolt for X idler - READY
2 8mm×420mm Smooth rod X-bar - READY
2 8mm×406mm Smooth rod Y-bar - READY
2 8mm×350mm Smooth rod Z-bar - READY
1 225mm×225mm print top plate Thick Sheet (space)
1 140mm×225mm print bottom plate Thick Sheet space
1 840mm×5mm T5 pitch timing belt Belt READY
1 1380mm×5mm T5 pitch timing belt Belt READY
5 NEMA 17 bipolar stepper motor Stepper John
50 small cable binder / ziptie Misc READY
1 Wade's Geared Extruder (John)
1 Electronics + endstops gen3 from John or Tiny G from Alden
1 Printed parts READY


1x gen3 mobo 2x gen3 EC 5x steppers 4x stepper controllers (we'll have to pull these from the cupcake and have the cupcake use the mbi ones) 1x p4ac 4 axis stepper controller carrier board (we'll have to pull this from the cupcake too) 1x wade's extruder (assembled and working) 1x 36mm brass barrel 1x 0.5mm mbi nozzle 1x 0.5mm makergear bighead nozzle Insulator materials (have to make and document on lathe) nuts/bolts/washers - I have tons plywood/mdf for build platform

Heated Build Platform

If we want it, can get away with some other hacks if we want, or leave it out altogether.


Alden has a Tiny G board... this is attractive