Prusa Mendel Operators Log

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When you use the Prusa Mendel, please add notes here. Newest at top.

  • Vastly better printing than makerbot. High precision, fast, easy to use, configurable. Extreme objects were tested successfully. (mirage335)

Most minor glitches were on account of provided USB fan. Overhang is best reduced by filleting[1] sharp edges and placing fan a few inches from to printer. However, strong wind may cause unusually tall and thin parts (ie. pencil-like) to print crooked; the fan should be placed at least a foot away in these cases. Fan itself should be externally powered, unplugging it from the laptop USB port disconnects the printer. Unplugging other devices (USB sticks) has no effect. Fan must rest on high-friction (eg. rubber) surface, or will slowly blow itself away. (mirage335, 9-15-2012)

  • Found the glass detached from the heater bed, Z-axis badly askew, and Z-axis end-stop repositioned. Performance degraded to worse than the old makerbot, but was repaired after much wasted plastic and lost time. Also added paper tape to front of printing bed for safety. (mirage335, 9-23-2012)
  • Found printer bed deleveled again. Releveled, and now machine is happy-go-lucky. (mirage335)
  • The Z-axis endstop has been moving slightly downward every time it is used. (mirage335)
  • A user found the PLA filament almost entirely used up.