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From the HacDC Blabber list: Does anyone know of a good tutorial on GUI programming for complete idiots in Python?

(Keven) These might offer a reasonable starting point:

Other resources of a more general nature (and of varying levels of idiocy):

(Riley) However by far the best resource I used was:

(Mark) Being able to open a file dialog is a key part of many GUI program. Here is a good approach: And here is a progress bar.

Between those two things, I have made many GUIs that are in front of analytical software tools that I have implemented in Python originally as command-line utilities.

The easiest place to start is the "simplest possible tkinter program" here:

Then go through the list of widgets at A tour of Tkinter widgets. Grab the right version for your python installation (2.x or 3.x) and unpack it. Run it and you can click the "see code" button for any element. It is a great earning tool, especially since it is all running in Python on your computer, too!