Python sprint

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What's planned

Are you a Python programmer who wants to learn about how Python is developed and to make the upcoming Python 2.6 release better? Join us for a half-day sprint!

During the Global Python Sprint Weekend, on May 10-11, participants will meet over IRC to look at open issues, fix bugs, and get feedback on patches. HacDC is hosting a face-to-face meeting on Saturday to help you get up to speed.

Andrew Kuchling, a Python committer, will be present and can help with questions about bugfixing or general Python queries.

For more information about how bug days work, see the Python wiki's bug day page.

Date/time and location

Saturday May 10 2008, noon - 4PM at the HacDC space.

Address: the HacDC space at 1525 Newton St NW, Washington DC 20010 USA (Near corner of 16th and Newton NW). See for maps.

Who's coming

  • Andrew Kuchling
  • Alex Clark
  • Add your name here
  • Add your name here
  • Add your name here

Want an introductory talk?

If enough people are interested, I can present a short (10-15) minute introductory talk. It would probably be a greatly shortened and updated version of a past python-dev talk.

Would an intro be useful to you? If yes, please add your name below so that I can gauge interest. The talk would probably have to start a little past noon; let's say 12:30PM.

  • Alex Clark

What to bring