Quantified Self Show & Tell 05/22/2011

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We'll meet at 6, schmooze a while, and start presentations around 7.


Xaq Rothman: Tracking smoking with CigLog, a webapp I wrote.

Bjorn Westergard: Dietary logging with Cron-O-Meter, journaling with tiddlywiki, carrying a gps logger, DIY pulse-oximeter.

Erica Kane: Using a Bodybugg to monitor calorie burn, and to confirm or deny common beliefs about weight loss.

Elephant Ninja: Using the sticker method to track and improve pull-ups.

Matthew Velderman: A total fitness tracking system, including key metrics, the system itself, and outcomes so far. Fitness Tracking Spreadsheet and DMAIC Fitness Presentation

Blue of hello-the-future.net: Every week I sit down with my guitar and make a new song for the internet. In my presentation, we'll hear just how fast a musician can level up in a year.


What do you track/quantify with?

Here is an informal/incomplete list of the tools people use that we collected on the whiteboard.