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The HacDC Reading list, featuring the finest hacker tomes. (If you have ideas on how to organize, categorize, and linkize these, use the discussion page. I've avoided adding too much detail, so as to minimize the amount of work that will need to be done to re-arrange the list once a more useful organization scheme is hatched.)

Kid's Books


Biography & History


A very readable and nearly mathematics free guide to electronics components and schematics. There are many small projects that can be completed in a single evening of work.
Continues where Getting Started in Electronics ends and has many cookbook solutions to common tasks. If you've seen the Radio Shack "Mini notebooks", this is a compilation of all of them.
Similar in to Forrest Mims' books, but with more theory and math. Lots of analog circuits and discrete logic examples.


Excellent introduction to computer architecture. This is a guide to understanding how CPUs and memory hierarchies work, how numbers are represented, how arrays are laid out, and so on.
Almost better than Volume 1, this one focuses on how to write better code by understanding what the CPU, memory and compiler are doing underneath all of the syntactic sugar provided by high-level languages. Very important information for anyone writing in a high level language (like C) for embedded systems (like the AVR).
Language independent guidelines for writing better code, working better with development groups and management, and avoiding common problems.





Science Fiction