Reflow Oven

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Arc and Redbeard are planning on producing a tutorial for an AVR based reflow oven. The goal of the project is to be an updated version of the sparkfun reflow oven with a better graphical display and improved user input system.


  • Use AVR
  • Provide visualization of temperature graph
  • Produce board kit
  • Be cost equivalent (or cheaper) than sparkfun
  • Be programmable via keypad or serial port
  • Provide real time output via serial
  • All through hole (otherwise you're in chicken vs egg mode)

Parts List

  • SPST Relay (at least 30 amps)
  • AVR (At least ATMega168, possibly ATMega328
  • Thermocouple
  • LCD Display
  • Keypad
  • Fuse Holder?
  • Thermocouple Amplifier


  • Line inside of oven with Reflect-a-gold - Manufacturer's Link (Will improve cooling ramp down times)