Regular Member Meeting 2008 05 20

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These are the minutes of the First Regular Member Meeting held on May 20, 2008

  • Present: Nick Farr, Andrew Righter, Alli Treman
  • Quorum: 50% of the members attending, quorum was established.
  • Called to Order: 7:35 PM
  • Location: HacDC, 1525 Newton St NW, Washington DC, 20010, USA

Draft minutes of the last meeting

On Saturday, May 17, 2008 all the Incorporators of HacDC approved the Bylaws. The Incorporators signed seven copies of the bylaws, each took one copy for themselves and one for the corporation's files.

As this event was witnessed and signed by each member, no minutes need to be approved.

The Consent Agenda

No items appeared in the consent agenda

Minister Reports

No ministers have yet been elected by the membership. However, Nick Farr presented a report for Friday, May 16, 2008

Member Reports

There were no Member Reports.

Old Business

There was no Old Business

New Business

Election of Derek Cooper as Member

Derek Cooper, who has met all conditions for membership, was approved as a charter member by all members present. He was the first to be approved in order to elect him as Keeper of the MIBS.

Election of the Board of Directors

As all members of the Board of Directors are presently vacant, elections were held in accordance with Section 3 and 6 of Article V of the Bylaws.

Andrew Righter was elected as Coordinator in Chief Alli Treman was elected as Minister of Information Derek Cooper was elected as Keeper of the MIBS Nicholas Farr was elected as Minister of Finance Adam Koeppel was elected as At-Large Director Ryan Clarke was elected as At-Large Director

Charter Members

The following 27 charter members, who have met all conditions for membership were approved by all members present. They are listed as they wish to appear:

  • A. Sabino
  • Beetle
  • Ben Stanfield
  • Bjorn Westergard
  • Dan Moniz
  • David Kaufman
  • David Lotts
  • Doru Zuba
  • Elliot
  • Jonathan Blocksom
  • Katie Bechtold
  • Kevin Cole
  • Matt Lesko
  • Peter Ordal
  • Phil Shapiro
  • Richard Bewley
  • Ryan Clarke
  • Sarah Oliver
  • Scott Wilson
  • Tim Ball
  • Tino Dai
  • Member 005 (Unlisted)
  • Member 007 (Unlisted)
  • Member 019 (Unlisted)
  • Member 024 (Unlisted)
  • Member 028 (Unlisted)
  • Member 029 (Unlisted)


As quorum was broken upon the approval of the charter membership, the meeting adjourned at 8:09