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These are the minutes of the Regular Member Meeting held on June 17, 2008

  • Members Present: Nick Farr, Ben Stanfield, Member 005, Timball, Derek Cooper, Dan Moniz, Tino Dai, Alli Rense, Andrew Righter, A. Sabino, Bjorn Westergard, Member 029, Sarah Oliver, Richard Bewley
  • Others Present:
  • Quorum: "Established in Spirit" - Member 029
  • Called to Order: 7:52 PM
  • Adjourned: 8:35 PM
  • Location: HacDC, 1525 Newton St NW, Washington DC, 20010, USA
  • Presiding: Andrew Righter, Coordinator in Chief

Draft minutes of the last meeting

The Consent Agenda

The following items were approved by consensus:

Minister Reports

Coordinator in Chief

Projects going well. Covered the reverse engineering class being held at the end of June.

Ministry of Finance

Report for June 13. Nick also indicated he was pondering ways to move to a better way to account for "Equipment" as part of future. June dues are being collected automatically via PayPal, our Rent is paid. $1003.91 in equipment, including tools and shelving.

Keeper of the MIBS

Derek announced his resignation. Nick noted that the meeting minutes are wikified after a meeting, and can be edited by group members.

Minister of Information

New Theme for HacDC Blog is finished.

Member Reports

  • Nick Farr: Columbia Heights Wireless project: We met with the church, we are proceeding with Phase I (IT Infrastructure rewiring of the church). See Wiki article for more details.
  • Bjorn W: His brother has set HacDC screens for screen printing. Suggested to set up the screen printing workshop for this Saturday. Has been taking pictures of the more interesting pieces from the patent examiner's collection.

Old Business

No Old Business is currently pending

New Business

Resource Use Policy

  • Ben was concerned with resource policy, particularly disposal requirements.
  • Nick explained the disposal link in the policy would not be part of the policy, but was supplemental guidance.
  • Bjorn expressed questions about how to use HacDC resources for personal projects.
  • Nick noted the general consensus of the group was "use common sense", parts should be used for HacDC Projects, then Personal Projects, then whatever diverts materials from the waste stream.
  • Ben called for unanimous approval after nothing his objections were satisfied with Nick's clarification.
  • Derek objected on the grounds he had not read the policy. Time was allotted for Derick to read the policy aloud before a vote was taken.
  • Derick raised concerns about members not having precedence for the use of the space over visitors.
  • Nick pointed out the proposal specifically gives members working on a project precedence over guests.
  • Upon further consideration and clarification, the objection was pulled

Passes by consensus

Central Services Concept

Nothing discussed due to time

Approve new members

No new members appeared to be approved. As of this meeting, 4 persons have signed up to pay dues and have not been officially approved as members.