Regular Member Meeting 2008 07 08

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These are the minutes of the Regular Member Meeting held on July 8, 2008

  • Quorum: Not Established
  • Location: HacDC, 1525 Newton St NW, Washington DC, 20010, USA

There was no formal agenda for this meeting, however members discussed the following:

Meeting Overview:

  • Last Hope Discussion
  • Grand Opening Discussion
  • Talk about schedule for agendas, minutes, etc.
  • Encourage members to come next week for a Quorem.

Member Reports / Ideas

Phil Shapiro:

  • Possible learning events for software such as, Google Schetchup, OpenOffice - can get event listed in Google Sketchup newsletter.
  • Get people on the circuit, travelers, etc.
  • Target "creative" groups.

Peter Ordall:

  • Solicit local vendors to provide pro bono food for HacDC meetings / events.

Last Hope / Hacker Space Village

  • Nick has a pre-existing obligation to a.) Work a hacker space at the conference and b.) Encourage people around the country to build their own hacker spaces.
  • HacDC is running a hacker space with a stage & workshop area.
  • The Hackers Mart - hacker con convenience store. Tools, compact flash cards. We are not paying to participate.
  • Options for Bulk Buy on BoltBus... no more than $35 roundtrip.
  • Rent large cargo van to take stuff up.
  • Get rid of old stuff.
  • West Side Wye - nice, clean, comfortable room... most don't have bathrooms, but more likely to have space available to day of. 20 block walk from Wye to conference or 3 minute 1-2-3 metro.

Other Organizations Participating:

  • NYC Resister
  • Hacktor in phili
  • Noisebridge in San Francisco
  • MetalLab - Austria - tech incubator
  • C4

Meta Lab & C4 to help with grand opening.

OLPC learning club @ folk festival. - Mid-september - sunday, call for participation

Grand Opening Event:

  • People from Austria, Germany. Case Communications Club - probably the oldest, ongoing computer clubs in existence. Who layed the groundwork for these hacker spaces, wants to come here and see the space.

Tuesday, 22nd after Hope Wednesday, Johannes (from Vienna) - Monochrome Albert - DorkBot

  • Would like to look for new ways to forge relationships.
  • Friday night, nothing scheduled. But, we have the space.
  • Sunday night @ 7, official Grand Opening Ceremony.
  • Have dinner, projects in the auditorium. Officially have a dinner, etc @ 7pm on Sunday.
  • Tentatively approved to give Johannes an honorary non-voting membership.

Other Talk

  • Nick reminds members, everyone has Blog Posting Access.

Nate needs, for a wiring project:

  • $2,000 - $2,500 OR
  • 10 - 12k feet of cable FOR
  • about 50 sites at the church

Finalize officer deadlines, freezing minutes / agenda

  • Saturday @ Midnight - The Deadline for officer reports and meeting agendas.


  • Food will be provided at next week's meeting - everyone, please bring more.