Regular Member Meeting 2008 07 22

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Added to Agenda:

  • Personal Member Storage Member
  • Toorcon
  • Cash register

Called to order @ 7:33

People should be bopped, often.

Minister Reports

Andrew: Training: Eliot, and him september microcontroller meeting, AVR - setup 2 mailing list, microcontroller mondays, and another for Smart Clothing.

Richard: Please submit items by Saturday at 11:59pm, to

Alli: Could use people to give constructive insight on website. If so, please email If anyone is interested in doing wiki stuff, email Alli - cleaning it up, reorganizing.

Nick: Grand opening week, HOPE, cash register added to agenda.

If you spent money on behalf of HacDC, please send Nick receipts by next week, as soon as possible.

Register says we made $1700. How ridiculously proud he is of everyone who was there. Been working with people in the hacker scene for over a decade, never seen before.

Introduction from Richard Aden - wants to build a giant robot & learn more.

Richard Bewley:

Working on administrative things, coordination, food.

Member Reports

  • Asked about training, would be nice to have a wiki page for training.

Andrew - could be nice to post what people are capable of teaching... under inventory, someone is dropping off video camera gear to tape stuff. Still needs to upload, needs

Ben - Building a light box for photography, diffused light source.

Derek - HOPE was really cool. He got a telephone, a payphone in exchange for butt sets. Derek would like to leave the sticker on the side of it.

Katie - New York City resistor talk was inspiring. Members talking about how cool their hacker space. She brought conductive thread.

Ben - One of co-workers gave him DVD player, a printer that sometimes works, and a fax machine.

Derek - Has LCD monitors, invited lots of people to come visit us.

Nick's Agenda Items----

  • Every HacDC member has posting access to the blog. People should blog, so it looks like they are doing stuff. They just pull everything off their blog.
  • Cash register: We should leave it in the space, and we have our own personal components store, along the same lines as purchased drinks. Keep all cash in cash register. Machine itself is only used for tracking money. This also trains people how to use the cash register, so that when we go to a conference, they already know how.
  • Grand Opening Ceremonies:
    • Performance happening tomorrow @ 8:30. Will be well attended, and it will be weird. Will be really weird.
    • Thursday night, Gareth and Alberto from DorkBot DC will be talking about building the tech community.
    • Friday night, nothing scheduled except drinking at Brickskeller @ 9. Ben is coordinating.
    • Saturday, officially scheduled visit to Grace Hopper's grave @ noon.
    • Sunday, big dinner and acknowledge people, such as Yhenn. Pot Luck dinner.

Personal Member Storage Area

2 alcoves outside, ask Nate if there's some way to make that a personal member storage area.


Last weekend in September in San Diego. Not yet issued a CFP (Call for papers), however Nick believes that we could make a lot of money and have fun at Toorcon. Organize in the next 2 weeks, if we want to do it. Should HacDC sponsor members to visit Toorcon.


Get writeups into members list and on blog.

8:13 - adjourned