Regular Member Meeting 2008 10 21

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Time & Location

October 21, 2008
Members Present: Nick Farr, Matt, Elliott, Jonathan, Katie, David Lott, Martin, Derek, Rodney, Member 29, Peter, Richard, Timball, Ben
Others Present: Anonymous Attendee, Jess, Alli
HacDC, 1525 Newton St NW, Washington, DC. (Space)
Presiding: Nick Farr

Draft minutes of the last meeting

The Consent Agenda

Nick proposes making the 1st Tues. of the month the "important one" for transacting business / voting.

Member 29 suggests an overhaul of the bylaws with an eye toward quorum "gotchas".

Approved: New Member (Anonymous Attendee)

There are more prospective members. Elliott volunteers to sponsor Lorne as a new member. Approved: Lorne as new member.

Andrew is resigning as President. He will continue to serve until a replacement is elected. We'll target the Nov. 11 meeting for an election for a replacement.

Minister Reports

Coordinator in Chief

We're now at 30 members.

Minister of Finance

Minister of Information

Keeper of the MIBS

Member Reports

Old Business

New Business