Regular Member Meeting 2009 04 14

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Time and Location

April 14, 2009 Meeting called to order at PM by Coordinator in Chief Elliot Williams.

Members Present:

Quorum determined/not determined to be present.

Approval of Previous Meeting's Minutes

Regular Member Meeting Minutes 2009 03 10 were presented and amended as follows

Approval of Minutes as amended carried with no objections.

Consent Agenda

There were no items in tonight's consent agenda.

Minister Reports

Coordinator in Chief Report

Minister of Finance Report

Minister of Information Report

Keeper of the MIBS Report

Member Reports

Serge W, PR Coordinator

Derek C

Tim B

Old Business

RobotFest Call for Volunteers and Projects (Ben Stanfield)

Church Ethernet Project (Elliot Williams)

Basement Space Update (Dan Barlow)

HacDC Door Entry System (Tim Collins?)

Tuesday Night Seminar Series (Elliot Williams)

Bylaws Change (Serge Wroclawski)

New Business

Technology Transfer and Public Funding Vehicles (Andrew Gillette)

Unveiling/Call for Help of new HacDC Website (Ben Stanfield)

Access to Church Calendar (Serge Wroclawski)

501c3 Application status (Nick Farr)

Approval of any pending new member(s).


The meeting adjourned at PM.