Regular Member Meeting 2009 06 09

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Time and Location

June 9, 2009 Meeting called to order at 7:30 PM by Coordinator in Chief Elliot W.

Members Present: Martin R, Todd F, Serge W, Greg R, Derek C, Tim C, Dan B, Q, Andy, Dave, Nick F

Others: Daniel, Dr. Dave

Quorum determined to be present. Approval of Previous Meeting's Minutes

Regular Member Meeting Minutes 2009 05 15 were presented.

Remove "forensic."

Delete or revise "Less geeky than we thought it was going to be and more fun than it's going to be."

Dan B. moved to approve with noted changes. Serge seconded.

Approve without objection. Consent Agenda

There were no items in tonight's consent agenda. Minister Reports Coordinator in Chief Report

We've been running the audio workshop, and it has run its course. It t was fun. The workshop brought a couple of new members into the space, and a few potentials. No software night, Wednesday's open. Minister of Finance Report

The finance report is available here.

Additional Notes:

Tim C asked whether anyone knows where the point of sale (POS) system is. We need to find it.

Greg paid $50 cash in each April and May. Minister of Information Report

Nothing to report. Keeper of the MIBS Report

Absent. Member Reports Serge W, PR Coordinator

About 100+-25 people a day visit the site. Most search for hacdc or hackdc by name. The frequently asked questions (FAQ), members, and forums sections are popular.

Serge put in 10 hours advertising the PW Singer talk, and there was not a high turn out - approximately 40 people. Word of mouth seemed to be more effective.

Todd F noted that the Singer seminar may have appealed to a different audience than most of HacDC's events.

Derek stated Washington Post article was too long before the actual event. People may have forgotten. Serge noted that established print publications need a long lead time for announcements, three to four weeks at a minimum.

Derek suggested that HacDC find other high profile organizations and partner with them.

The domain expired in September. It's under Nick F's name. He'll check into it. Old Business OLPC Lending Library Project (Serge W)

The laptops are here. Mike from the project is here. Serge will do formal announcement, and Mike will do a formal presentation. Air conditioning

Elliot W noted that we don't need any more air conditioners for the main space. Dan B said that we could use one or two for the downstairs area. Derek stated that if anyone had any extra window air conditioners that they don't want, he'd like to have one. Church Ethernet Project (Dave)

The project is ongoing. Almost all cables were terminated as of last Friday.

The church mentioned Comcast as a potential ISP, although the installation costs were thought to be $6500. Dave said that the church may have negotiated that down.

HacDC's ISP is still Speakeasy for the time being, until the church get internet access installed.

HacDC members are getting stopped in the hallways and thanked by church tenants for doing the networking job. Basement Space Update (Dan B./Martin R.)

Much work has been done on the downstairs. It now has screens, ventilation, and is cleaned up. Dan B also found found the missing table top. HacDC Door Entry System

Q and Tim C started working on it again. The solution may include RFID reader to read a key card and "some glue." HacDC Property Policy

View Dan B's draft property policy here

Additional Notes:

Todd F asked if there a distinction between members and non-members? Elliot W suggested that members should use their discretion when non-members want something.

There was going to be a separate working group meeting, but this hasn't occurred. Elliot W suggested that a working group be with the understanding that if a working group and revisions are made, the revisions will be reviewed and voted on

Martin moved to accept policy as written, Nick F seconded. Approve with no objections. Investigating members who have stopped paying dues to find out why

Serge asked whether there are members who have not paid? Serge volunteered to track down people and investigate. Tim C offered to provide names. Liability Waiver

We still need to develop a liability waiver to protect HacDC if someone were to get hurt in the space. New Business Dr. Dave's Warehouse o' Wonders (Derek)

Derek went to Dr. Dave's warehouse, but he was not ready yet to empty his stuff. He has soome very cool stuff. He's not sure when he'll be prepared to move. Derek recommended we have a field trip with as much participation as possible to determine what we need and what we don't. ThinkGeek Donation (Todd F)

Some guys from ThinkGeek donated some night vision goggles to HacDC at the PW Singer event (10-15 pairs). We should blog on the HacDC site about it and link to them and drop a note of thanks. Approval of any pending new member(s).

Andy nominates Daniel Packer and Dave Green. Daniel has been involved in hackspaces for 10 years, notably Noisebridge in San Francisco and 2600 in New York. (Dr. Dave) Green has got warehouse full of goodies and 40 years of hardware experience and can build just about anything.

Nick F motioned to accept, Andy seconded. Approve with no objections.

Elliot W noted that he was expecting several other potentials - Jake and friends, a guy from George Washington University, and a guy named Peter who didn't show. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 8:27 PM.