Regular Member Meeting 2009 07 14

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Time and Location

Date July 14, 2009
Called to order at 7:33 PM by Coordinator in Chief Elliot W.
Members Present: Omer O, Jay K, Serge W, Tommy J, Martin R, Katie B, Ben S, Elliot W, Dave E, Nick F
Others present: Jonah B., Robert B., Bill A., Zach W
Quorum met? Yes

Approval of Previous Meeting's Minutes

There are no minutes from the June meeting.

Consent Agenda

There were no items in tonight's consent agenda.

Minister Reports

Coordinator in Chief Report

Nothing to report. It's been a great month. Martin has built a great electronics workbench. Tim Ball is building LED cubes, which is great but we'd like to see more shared projects.

Minister of Finance Report

Section 1: Membership

27 Paid via paypal 2 Members paid via cash

Section 2: Income

Payments received in June $1486 total via paypal $100 paid in cash

Section 3: Expenses

Rent - $935 Insurance - $83.50 POS Rental + American express = $106.10

Section 4: Financial Status

$461 surplus

As of 7/14/09 we have $2027 in our checking account.

We'll need to spend $800+ on 501c(3) application and an infinite amount of money on the basement project.

There was a question about the ISP charges. There was also a question about whether paypal fees should be reported as expenses or not.

Ben moved to approve. Dave seconded.

Minister of Information Report

Nothing specific to report.

Keeper of the MIBS Report

Everyone in attendance was awarded 1000 MIBS points for coming to the meeting. Martin was awarded 1 trillion MIBS points for the electronics bench.

Member Reports

  • Katie B
We're starting a Migratory Box of Electronics to send around the world. We've got a start from Gareth who's included a few things, but should add more.
We should name the box, and decide where to send it next.
Katie is aiming to send it out later this week.
  • Nick F
Wanted to talk about how to plan fundraisers in the future, since the one we had scheduled didn't work out.
Do we still have issues with the church? Was the timing just bad? What can we do to have a successful fundraiser in the future. Clarified that Schmoocon wasn't really a big issue with the church. There was a discussion about making sure the church knew about our events in the future.
Moved to new business.
  • Serge W
Mapping DC is having it's first even next Thursday.
  • Dave E
Finished punching out the 1st floor offices. Anyone who is on the church network is using our Internet access. Most of the offices are still on their own.

Old Business


New Business

  • Bylaws Amendments
    The slate of changes from the informal bylaws change meeting was presented.
    • A motion was made to accept the whole slate as is by Nick Farr
    • A second was made by Martin R.

Discussion of the proposed slate point by point was made and discussion of the membership ensued.

An amendment was offered by Ben Stanfield to change the director termination section to read 1/2 instead of 2/3 in the proposed slate or 3/4 in the original bylaws.

The amendment was accepted by Nick Farr as a friendly amendment.

7 ayes, 1 nay

Serge pointed out that the majority of the

An amendment was offered to change the Voting membership rules to read may be suspended for non payment of dues as specified in the standing rules.

The amendment was accepted by Nick F and there were no objections.

The entire slate was approved unanimously.

Dave E motioned to hold the minutes petition until standing rules are drafted and accepted by the membership.

After discussion about whether that was permissible, since it seemed to change the bylaws amending process, the motion was withdrawn.

New Membership

  • Elliot W nominated Elliot Jay K as a new member. There were no objections.
  • Nick F nominated Zach W as a new member. There were no objections.
  • Sege W nominated Bill A as a new member. There were objections.

Fundraiser conversation

Ben S Moved to adjourn.

Dave E. seconded

There were no objections.


The meeting adjourned at 8:49 PM.