Regular Member Meeting 2009 08 11

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Time and Location

August 11, 2009

Meeting called to order at 7:59 PM by Secretary/Acting President Ben S.

Members Present: Omer O, Tim C, Dan B, Serge W, Daniel P, Dave E, Ben S, Tim B.

Others: Darius, Matt from Pumping Station 1, James, Eric Approval of Previous Meeting's Minutes

Dave E moved to approve them.

Tim C seconded.

Motion carried without objection. Consent Agenda

No items in the consent agenda for this meeting. Minister Reports Coordinator in Chief Report

Absent. Minister of Finance Report

Finance report presented as attached.

Omer moved to approve.

Dave E seconded. Minister of Information Report

Absent. Keeper of the MIBS Report

Bylaws change petition is available in the space. Please sign it.

We received our FCC Amateur Radio License, suitable for framing. Member Reports Dan B

We received a few donations from Think Geek, which we've been storing in the basement. We also have a whole stack of old hard drives that have been donated. Dan is organizing a sorting party for this saturday to put what we have in order and get rid of things that are in the way.

Dan has brought an argon laser to the space. Please do not use it without his permission. It requires special cooling so that it doesn't burn itself up. Daniel P is setup. Working on a chatbot for the channel. Serge W

MappingDC used HacDC for their first planning meeting. Ben S

Is working on the wiki. Tim C

Spoke with our landlord about Internet connectivity. He's been working with Comcast to act as an ISP, but Comcast hasn't come through. Brian is still very excited about the project, and is still motivated to make it happen. Old Business

None New Business Stickers and other promotional materials

Tim C moved to approve $68 for 500 vinyl stickers. Dan B seconded. Motion carried without objection.

Serge W gave the background on business cards and 1/4 sheets.

Serge W motioned to approve $150 for promotional expenses.

Tim C. seconded.

Motion carried without objection. Storage boxes

Serge moved to approve $150 for use as storage containers.

Dan B seconded.

Motion carried without objection. New Members

Darius told us a bit about himself, Serge nominated him for membership.

Tim Ball nominated Eric for membership.

Tim C nominated James for membership.

Dan B Adjournment

Tim C motioned to adjourn.

Omer seconded.

Motion carried without objection.

The meeting adjourned at 8:43 PM.