Regular Member Meeting 2009 09 15

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September 09 Meeting Minutes

Time and Location

September 15, 2009

Meeting called to order at 7:59 PM by President Elliot Williams.

Members Present: Elliot W, Martin R, Ben S, Daniel P, Tim C, Serge W, Katie B, Jason D, Dan B, Martin R

Others: Patrick, Pierre, William Approval of Previous Meeting's Minutes

Dan B moved to approve them.

Tim C seconded.

Motion carried without objection. Consent Agenda

No items in the consent agenda for this meeting. Minister Reports President's Report

We were notified our corporate charter has expired with DC. We need to renew it by filling out a bunch of paperwork and send them a check.

Officers will sign the forms tonight and will file the reinstatement papers in the morning.

There was an objection raised about the legality of business transacted at a meeting without our registration in place.

Discussions have started about finding a larger warehouse space. Treasurer's Report

Per attached. Vice President's Report

Called into the hackerspaces call-in. Many discussion about upcoming events. Secretary's Report

Bylaws change petition is available in the space. Please sign it. Member Reports Dan B

We bought boxes and help from others in organizing. Dan attended MSP430 day at TI. A lot more open source support for them. Dan has a code to buy one of each tool in the promotion. If you're interested, contact him.

Dan also bought a laser that would be useful for a laser etching machine. Daniel P

Keysigning party was a lot of fun. Had about 20+ people total. Talks are underway for another one.

Chatbot is live and has message relay functionality. Working with Tim C to make it occupancy sensor aware.

October 1st is the first lightning talks session. 5 minutes. Serge W

Last week was the monthly HacDC Tuesday seminar, the official announcement of the OLPC Lending Library. About 25 people attended, including several OLPC bigwigs. Elliot W

ElectronicaFest was fun. HacDC ran a small workshop, about 300 people total came. Lots of interesting Baltimore synth people were in attendance. Old Business 501c3 Application

Ben is working on the PDF fill-in form for the 501c3 application and will move it around

There was a question about whether we have the financial documents prepared for the submission. They are not currently ready according to the treasurer, but preparing them won't be an onerous burden. Great Migratory Box of Electronics Junk

Haven't found a taker yet. The Wiki

Serge proposes to move everything back to the old wiki, close down anonymous edits, spend the energy to port everything from the new wiki to the old wiki.

Daniel P. seconded.

Discussion ensued, on both sides. Serge moves to withdraw the amendment.

Jason moved to have a wiki breakout session. Dan B seconded. Status of Bylaws Amendments

Discussion about sending out pdf to have people sign and fax it back to us. New Business Stickers are in

Thanks Katie. Take some. Lockers

There are 18 member lockers in the hallway. Store/Donations

There was a discussion about whether we should just ask for donations or actually price things in the store.

Discussion involved accounting rules, sales tax rules, etc.

Serge W moved to stop calling it a store, hang a sign that says parts for scrap are available for a donation, Anything we purchase, we print out prices we paid if they want to.

There was no second. Regularly scheduled basement sorting events

A few regulars have done most of the work sorting and organizing, with more coming in every day. It would be great if we could schedule a regular event for people to come in and help out to sort.

Dan B. offered to send something to the list to get things rolling Arduino/FPGA board for use at the space

Postponed for a month, until we've got something to actually spend money on. New Members

Martin nominated Pierre. Daniel P seconded.

Unanimously approved.

Serge nominated Brian/RedBeard. Daniel P seconded.

Unanimously approved.

Elliot nominated William. Tim C seconded.

Unanimously approved.

Tim C nominated Phil. Ben S seconded.

Unanimously approved.

Elliot W nominated Patrick. Tim C seconded.

Unanimously approved. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 9:19 PM.