Regular Member Meeting 2009 11 10

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Time and Location

November 10, 2009 Meeting called to order at 7:40 PM by President

Members Present: Martin, TC, Timball, Serge, Philip, Brian (redbeard), Elliot, Daniel, User:Katie, Dave, Dan Barlow

Others: User:NikolasCo, James

Quorum determined to be present.

Approval of Previous Meeting's Minutes

Absence of quorum prevented October 2009 meeting, so the September 2009 meeting minutes were presented and approved without objection.

Consent Agenda

There were no items in tonight's consent agenda.

Minister Reports

President's Report

Elliot reported that our lease with the church is up for renewal in January, and he will be discussing the potential terms with the parish coordinator soon.

Treasurer's Report

TC reported that in October 2009, 30 members paid dues via Paypal, and 2 Friends of HacDC donated via Payal. Checks went out for rent, Martin's reimbursement for sodas and shelves, and Katie's reimbursement for stickers. We're still paying $100/month for a POS lease that we want to end ASAP. As of Nov 10th, HacDC has $3568 in checking and $75 deposited with paypal and $800 in transit from paypal.

Vice President's Report

The design and printing of quartersheets is on hold while we consider alternative physical spaces over the next few months.

Secretary's Report

The secretary was absent due to H1N1. :(

Member Reports

Dan Barlow reported that a friend his from New Jersey donated some aluminum and plastic boxes (now in the basement) that could be used for project cases. Also, he suggests using some newly-procured bond paper with the plotter and some creativity to print some neat stuff.

Martin reported that the church's PBX got switched out yesterday.

Daniel reported that while this Friday's keysigning party will probably be postponed, next week's LightningTalks are still on and have open slots for speakers.

Serge reports that MappingDC will have a mapping party in about a week an a half.

Dave reports that there's now a wifi access point in the sanctuary – will see about getting port turned on.

Old Business

(The below items probably don't belong in this section because they're not items to be voted on.)

501c3 Application status: Philip reports that section 4 of our Form 1023 Draft is being re-worked. The draft will be distributed soon to members for feedback.

SpaceSearch: Some members have casually checked out a couple of potential spaces that are for rent, from the outside. The V Street space bears further investigation. Daniel suggests looking to sublet space from light machine shops. Elliot mentioned 52 O Street Studios as a community art space that may well have space for rent.

Bylaws Amendments: The member signatures supporting Bylaws Amendment 1: Revise Quorum are on pages affixed to the back of our door, and there appear to be enough. The signature pages for later amendments do not appear to be in the space; will check with the secretary when he's feeling better.

New Business

Prospective new member User:NikolasCo introduced himself, was nominated for membership, and was unanimously approved.

Serge proposed setting up a budget for kit-building events. After some discussion, it was agreed that a budget is probably not necessary, and in any case the proposal is not specific enough to vote on.


The meeting adjourned at 8:29 PM.