Regular Member Meeting 2009 12 08

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Note: This page, in a change from our previous practice, serves as the 2009-12-08 Member Meeting's agenda (before the meeting) and minutes (after the meeting).

Time and Location

December 8, 2009 Meeting called to order at 7:35 PM by President

Members Present: Ben S, Tim C, Derek C, Elliot W, Tim B, Daniel P, Jason D, Martin R, Todd F, William, Alberto, Serge, Eric M, Katie B, Ben S, Dave

Others: Honey

Quorum Achieved.

Approval of Previous Meeting's Minutes

Tim C moved to approve. Martin Seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

Regular Member Meeting Minutes 2009 11 10

Minister Reports

President's Report

The rent negotiations continue. Nothing has changed since the last meeting. We have to re-sign the contract in January, so there's still time to discuss terms.

Treasurer's Report

The treasurer's report was presented as attached. There was some discussion about how much of our reserve is from pledgie pledges for the software radio. Currently the total donations are $406.98.

There was a question about the POS POS that we need to return. It will be done tomorrow.

Vice President's Report

Nothing to report.

Secretary's Report

Make: Money program details were received last week. There will soon be a form on the website where you can subscribe to Make: Magazine through HacDC and we'll get 1/2 of your subscription fee.

Member Reports

Tim B

timball bought a glue gun and has a receipt for $12.63

also pants are good!

timball's friend Josh Ruihley wants to buy a Nabaztag

Ben S

Has loaned HacDC, on an ongoing basis, a Shure wireless microphone system.

He has also donated a Flip-like (although another brand) video camera to the space.

Will G

FPGA workshop is going well - done with theory and on to FPGAs and towards projects. There was discussion about having the donated boards belong to HacDC and not individual members. There's an effort to build a checkin/checkout web app.

Dan Barlow

Martin made a nice wooden case for a power supply.


All wired pulled that was usable is now hooked up.

Old Business

New Business

Director at-large

Todd F. was nominated.

Daniel P was nominated.

Todd gave a statement about his candidacy.

Daniel gave a statement about his candidacy.

  • Election of a director at-large (to replace the resigned member)
  • Approval of paying PayPal fees for magazine subscriptions through the HacDC website. Ben S moved. Dave seconded. Motion carries.
  • Creation of annual report (Copy Writing and Scribus Work). There was discussion about the benefits of doing an annual report for HacDC.
  • Donation for the Church Guard for a holiday gift. Tim C moved we give $100 to the guard as a holiday gift. Dan seconded. Motion carries.
  • Proposal to retain legal representation for HacDC and the board. The board should be asked to report on the legal consequences of playing an unlicensed movie at the next membership meeting.
  • There was a motion to adjourn from Alberto. Martin Seconded. There were no ayes. Motion dies.
  • Elliot nominated Arc. Dan seconded. Motion carried.
  • Alberto nominated Jamie to be a new member.

Elliot motioned to adjourn the meeting. Martin seconded. Motion carries.