Regular Member Meeting 2010 06 08

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Note: This page serves as the 2010-06-8 Member Meeting's agenda (before the meeting) and minutes (after the meeting).

Time and Location

June 8, 2010 Meeting called to order at 7:35pm by Daniel Packer

Members Present:

Brad B, Alan M, Katie B, Tim B, Alberto G, Elliot W, Arc R, Daniel P, Martin R, Dave E, Todd F, Ash G, Dan B


Darren L, Andy W, Todd K

Approval of Previous Meeting's Minutes

Regular Member Meeting 2010 05 11 were approved with minor edits.

Director Reports

President's Report

Daniel reported that things are going well. Asbestos removal will take place this week. Electrical wiring done in the basement. Money in the bank, can use for space search if we don't get a sweetheart deal. Nicolas C (Secretary) is moving to NYC, we'll need to vote for his replacement.

Treasurer's Report

Todd Fine reported we had $1962.45 income. Expenses were $964*2 for rent, $100 for POS, $500 for insurance, $13 for vanity callsign (W3HAC), money for drinks. Total expenses around $2,700. We will refund USRP pledgie funds.

Vice President's Report

Timball brought beer per campaign pledge. Dealing with POS -- convinced bank people that we had an account -- in progress. Space in Gaithersburg (the hangar) will get looked into, will organize trip via e-mail list.

Director-at-Large Reports

  • Katie: More stickers have arrived, will keep in drawer under the phone. Please give them out
 to folks.  Hackerspace call-in was under-attended.  Visited Makers
 Local 256 in Alabama.
  • Will: Going to India with Engineers w/o Borders, will take notes on
 their IT infrastructure stuff, use them as a model for low-income IT. 

Member Reports

  • Brad: NARG is still fun. Talked about genetic algorithms last week.
  • Andy W: Is working on HacDC t-shirts for us. There are designs,
 pre-orders have been taken.  Will collect money, make silkscreens
 and then HacDC will own them.  
  • Martin: Spaceblimp is going well but could use more hands. Subscribe to
  • Dan B: Basement. Now that we have electricity, we might want to have a lathe -- passed around a bowl made from an old tree to encourage us.

Old Business

  • Talk to Todd to get your money back from the USRP pledgie.

New Business

  • Approve $105 for annual meeting empanadas: passed unanimously
  • Approve $68 for stickers: passed unanimously

New Members

  • Darren L nominated. Electrical engineer, computer security. Donated a VX-1 handheld radio!
  • Andy W nominated. Security engineer. Wants to build stuff. Making us t-shirts!

Election of Secretary

Dan Barlow ran unopposed and won.


Adjourned at 8:25.