Regular Member Meeting 2010 08 10

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Note: This page serves as the 2010-08-10 Member Meeting's agenda (before the meeting) and minutes (after the meeting).

Time and Location

August 10, 2010 Meeting called to order at 7:36 by Daniel

Members Present: Todd, Daniel, Tim, Ketan, Tim Collins, Jamie, Arc, Andy, William, Katie, Eric Miller, Redbeard, Elliot, Dan Barlow

Others Present: adam bradshaw, pete edworthy, Ben "Pirate" and Chris

Quorum Met.

Approval of Previous Meeting's Minutes

Note: Dan Barlow has to update last meetings minutes to fix some things that are missing.

Regular Member Meeting 2010 07 13

Director Reports

President's Report

We have a new server now.

Treasurer's Report

HacDC Transaction Detail by Account July 2010

Date    Type    Num    Name    Memo/Description    Split    Amount    Balance

BBT Checking

07/06/2010    Check    1092    American Express POS    $7.95    Office Expenses    -7.95    -7.95
07/06/2010    General Journal    15        -SPLIT-    -100.38    -108.33
07/07/2010    Check    1088    Steve Nejelsk    keys    Office Expenses    -150.00    -258.33
07/08/2010    Sales Receipt    1051        Membership Dues    50.00    -208.33
07/08/2010    Sales Receipt    1048        Non Profit Income    100.00    -108.33
07/08/2010    Sales Receipt    1049        Non Profit Income    100.00    -8.33
07/08/2010    Sales Receipt    1050            Membership Dues    50.00    41.67
07/26/2010    General Journal    16        insurance update for months    -SPLIT-    -420.31    -378.64
07/26/2010    General Journal    17        intuit    -10.55    -389.19
07/26/2010    Check    1091    St. Stephen and the Incarnation Episcopal Church    rent and inet    Rent or Lease    -2,020.00    -
Total for BBT Checking    $ -2,409.19


Total for Paypal    $1,884.54

Membership Dues

Total for Membership Dues    $1,740.50

Non Profit Income

Total for Non Profit Income    $443.73


Total for Insurance    $420.31

Office Expenses

07/06/2010    General Journal    15        -SPLIT-    100.38    100.38
07/06/2010    Check    1092    American Express POS        BBT Checking    7.95    108.33
07/07/2010    Check    1088    Steve Nejelsk        BBT Checking    150.00    258.33
07/26/2010    General Journal    17        -SPLIT-    10.55    268.88

Total for Office Expenses    $268.88

Rent or Lease

07/26/2010    Check    1091    St. Stephen and the Incarnation Episcopal Church        BBT Checking    2,020.00    2,020.00

Total for Rent or Lease    $2,020.00

Interest Earned

07/01/2010    General Journal    13        -SPLIT-    0.31    0.31

Total for Interest Earned    $0.31

HacDC Balance Sheet As of July 31, 2010
Current Assets     
Bank Accounts     
BBT Checking     5,743.00
Total Bank Accounts     $5,743.00
Other Current Assets     
Paypal     1,836.34
Undeposited Funds     0.00
Total Other Current Assets     $1,836.34
Total Current Assets     $7,579.34
Other Assets     
Rent Security Deposits     850.00
Total Other Assets     $850.00
TOTAL ASSETS     $8,429.34

Opening Balance Equity     9,023.84
Retained Earnings     0.00
Net Income     -594.50
Total Equity     $8,429.34

Vice President's Report

Something shady with the POS? VP lost his wallet.

Secretary's Report

Director-at-Large Reports

William: Is really happy to be back from India. Had a lot of fun painting HacDC.

Katie: Will be emailing all on the guest lists and asking them to join. Movie night sometime soon. Will require laptop to drive video. Contact her for details.

Member Reports


  • Booze Class (was too busy talking to type).


  • Did an advanced SSH class. Was well received.


  • Ash's Electronics class is ongoing. It's been going well. We have done etching and are moving on to actually making simple circuits. Amps are immanent.


  • New project server set up in the hall. Talk to Arc about it if you want access.
  • Planning a Tues intro to programming class in Python to replace open slot for Disassembly Tues. in the next few weeks.
  • Would like to organize 1 night/week work party (Friday?).


  • NARG is planning an ambient light project to have lights in the space that would be controllable through an open API (XMPP controlled). Could potentially evolve into a flexible network for controlling microcontroller projects in the space. These could then be left in the space and would instantly be networked.


    • The Space Blimp is MIA. Got good measurements. Disappears @ 60,000 feet.
    • Perhaps kidnapped by aliens. We are hoping that the aliens call us if they find it. It is a mystery.


  • New server. If anyone had a hacdc email address and wants to restore it, let Dan know.
    • Call for sysadmins present.

Old Business

Parts Store

Budget has been approved, but there isn't consensus yet.

Nonprofit Paperwork Filing

Still in limbo. Redbeard following up every few days. Remains unassigned; will be fast-tracked once it's assigned.

New Business

marketing meeting - August 24

  • House warming party
    • Submit any proposals to blabber. Pumping Station did a "geek prom", which seems like a good idea, given that we have the space to do it for free.
  • Membership packet
  • Todd: Action needs to be taken regarding new members and funds. It doesn't seem we've done quite enough to get energy into the space. Meeting proposed in two weeks for marketing.
  • Daniel: Proposes Town hall between membership meetings that is more town-hall action-oriented. Like a work sprint for programmatic things.

setup new voip service

we can get voip service for $1/mo (plus $.01/min incoming calls) from (same as we're using now, Jason's account) and transfer the Google Voice number (202-556-HACK) to it. This will make it easier to fix when the phone goes out.

  • We had a VOIP outage, which, it turns out is very dependent on Jason to call if anything goes wrong. It would be better for us to have it and administer it ourself.
  • Daniel moves to approve $50/yr budget. William Seconds. Motion passes.

Clear internet "booster"

The internet access at the church is a T1 (1.544 sync) plus DSL (1.544 async) being shared now with a computer lab downstairs and 14 other offices, at times there's not enough bandwidth to run just our phone much less highspeed downloads (.isos, git/hg syncing, etc). A 700meg .iso recently took 9 hours to download. Availability for voip can (and will) be improved with QoS (quality of service) on the router, but this will not increase available bandwidth.

Clear 6m/1m internet access via wireless across the street from us. We can join it with our vlan as an uplink (in addition to T1) without sharing with the whole building, and costs only $40/mo (and $80 wimax modem).

No vote required at this time

Modern Device JeeNode kit order

There is currently interest in the JeeNode, an AVR-based Arduino clone with a built-in multi-node radio.

Individual HacDC members want to buy them, there is talk of a workshop, and NARG group members are thinking of using them in their ambient device network project. They are $22.50 each but has a 16% discount for quantities of 10 or more ($18.90 each). Since I am doing a similar order of kits I offered to coordinate a ModernDevice kit order as well. I would place with order with HacDC funds and make the kits available for a suggested donation with a bit of "profit" built in as I'm doing with Adafruit. This "profit" would initially be folded back into stocking the kits but will eventually be returned to HacDC.

Arc Riley assures me that there is a lot of demand for the kits (>=14 people currently) and suggests ordering a batch of 20. Since we would also want to order some JeeLink Modules at $36.50 and probably some USB<->Serial converters at $14 the dollar values will add up quickly. Here are some possible order levels:

Item, Qty, Price Ea., Total
JeeNode v4 kit 20 $18.90 $378.00
USB BUB Board 4 $14.00 $56.00
JeeLink Module 4 $36.50 $146.00
ModerDevice total: $580.00

JeeNode v4 kit 15 $18.90 $283.50
USB BUB Board 3 $14.00 $42.00
JeeLink Module 3 $36.50 $109.50
ModerDevice total: $435.00

JeeNode v4 kit 10 $18.90 $189.00
USB BUB Board 3 $14.00 $42.00
JeeLink Module 3 $36.50 $109.50
ModerDevice total: $340.50

Please discuss and approve whatever size of purchase everyone is comfortable with. I am happy to place future orders once these sell out, so the smaller orders will cost only shipping (~$7 for ground from RI) and time delay.

I will try to pursue an additional "hackerspace discount" with Modern Device, and (if people think it is okay) would even talk about having them sponsor some of the NARG ambient project with hardware in exchange for acknowledgement and links in the project writeups and publicity.

--Tim Slagle

No vote required, guidance can be dealt with on-list

New Members

Pete Edworthy

Software/marketing/networking nerd in small companies. Electronics for sanity. Nominated by: Timball Seconded by: Multiple Passed

Ben the Pirate (arr)

Not quite as cool. Also does software work OS *nix. Esoteric languages. Nominated by: Redbeard Seconded by: Arc Welcome


Eagle scout hacker fellow. Language buff. Nominated by: Arc Seconded by: Elliot One of us


Designs and builds exhibits. Background in welding and machining. Interested in 3D printing. Limited computer experience, interested in supplementing it here. Nominated by: Elliot Seconded by: Erik Teach me to weld


Adjourned at 8:44PM.