Regular Member Meeting 2010 10 12

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Note: This page serves as the 2010-10-12 Member Meeting's agenda (before the meeting) and minutes (after the meeting).

Time and Location

October 12, 2010 Meeting called to order at 7:45 by Redbeard.

Members Present:

Others Present: Alex, Bjorn, Andrew

Quorum met.

Approval of Previous Meeting's Minutes

Regular Member Meeting 2010 09 14 Arc requested that nonprofit income which was earmarked for a specific project should be split out. Approved.

Director Reports

President's Report

  • Discussion of fundraising efforts
* Friends of HacDC
* Foundations
  • Update on non-profit status

We are "Pending 501(c)3" and can accept donations. We must pay tax on those donations if our status is declined (unlikely). Have drafted letters for cash and in-kind donations. Trying to retrieve actual IRS notification of receipt of 501(3)c paperwork from Daniel P. Tim B. mentioned that now donors such as Think Geek and electronics supply houses can write off parts donations.

Treasurer's Report


Profit & Loss Detail

September 2010

Ordinary Income/Expense


Membership Dues

Total for Membership Dues $1,688.75

Non Profit Income

9/01/2010 Sales Receipt 1167 Paypal 96.80 96.80

09/26/2010 Sales Receipt 1200 Paypal 12.68 109.48

Total for Non Profit Income $109.48

Total for Income $1,798.23



09/20/2010 Journal Entry 28 -SPLIT- 71.08 71.08

Total for Insurance $71.08

Office Expenses

09/02/2010 Journal Entry (Linode) 25 -SPLIT- 37.45 37.45

09/03/2010 Journal Entry (AMEX-CANCELLED) 26 -SPLIT- 7.95 45.40

09/16/2010 Journal Entry (PHONE VERIFY) 27 -SPLIT- 0.75 46.15

09/30/2010 Journal Entry (POS REFUND! [?]) 31 -SPLIT- -100.38 -54.23

Total for Office Expenses $ -54.23

Rent or Lease

09/22/2010 Journal Entry 30 -SPLIT- 1,980.00 1,980.00

Total for Rent or Lease $1,980.00

Total for Expenses $1,996.85

Net Ordinary Income $ -198.62

Other Income/Expense

Other Income

Interest Earned

09/01/2010 Journal Entry 32 -SPLIT- 0.20 0.20

Total for Interest Earned $0.20

Total for Other Income $0.20

Other Expense


09/20/2010 Journal Entry 29 -SPLIT- 25.00 25.00

Total for Miscellaneous $25.00

Total for Other Expense $25.00

Net Other Income $ -24.80

Net Income $ -223.42

Balance Sheet
As of September 30, 2010



Current Assets

Bank Accounts

BBT Checking 5,156.56

Total Bank Accounts $5,156.56

Other Current Assets

Paypal 1,239.84

Undeposited Funds 0.00 (actually 90.00 in cash, still not booked)

Total Other Current Assets $1,239.84

Total Current Assets $6,396.40

Other Assets

Rent Security Deposits 850.00

Total Other Assets $850.00

TOTAL ASSETS $7,246.40



Total Liabilities


Total Equity $7,246.40


Vice President's Report

Secretary's Report

Director-at-Large Reports

William Gibb

  • Still working with the resilient community folks. They are pretty busy but want to get their article on us done by this months end.
  • Working with a friend in Boston who is running a open-source alternative to MIT's design for empowerment course. It is a course focused on building communities like HacDC. The DFE eXtended course is hosted @ & will have 1-2 articles on HacDC this fall featured there.
  • Thinking of doing a workshop/learningshop on spectroscopy based off the materials mark Adams sent out yesterday.

Katie Bechtold

  • Planning an LED Embroidery workshop and another tea night.
  • Literal door bell for HacDC?
  • Temporary tattoos - any interest evinced so far?
  • Willing to organize drafting of Standing Rules when that becomes sufficiently more important than becoming financially secure.

Member Reports

Ben S. Brochure design updated, needs about $350 for 2000 copies. Funding discussion. Dan B. Job update Andy Shirts are on the way and will be put in the space with your name on them. Tim C. - NPR reporter Jason Fenster called looking for tech Halloween material. Also had talked to Redbeard. - Is putting together Web sponsorship ideas into a program. - Daily Show Rally discussion; All Night Event/Crash Exchange discussion, moved to New Business. Elliot W. Update on events in space Mentioned 405nM LASER build class Toast Please keep an eye out for 27 inch CRTs for arcade cabinet builds. Arc R. Project server needs more work. Occupancy bot needs work. Accepted wireless terminals and cameras from Andrew Kloman Redbeard Andy's MakerBot is working and has upgraded ACME threads and heated build platform. TC mentioned Mark A. will give 3D printing class Elliot mentioned that the Lathe classes were very popular and encouraged everyone to learn.

Old Business

New Business

  • Hacker Homcoming
  • Arcade Cabinets (Shmoocon)

New Members

  • Alex
  • Andrew H.
  • Bjorn


Adjourned at ___.